If not for a broken floor loom Carol Cameron may not have found a calling to work with an inspiring group of students living with disabilities.  It all began when Lynn Reardon, Educational Director for Paint a Miracle, acquired a perfect floor loom as a donation for the studio that was found in the garbage but had no one on hand who knew how to thread it.

Upon hearing of their dilemma, Cameron, a graduate from the College of Creative Studies with a major in fabric design, volunteered her niche talents with fabrics and managed to get the loom in working order thus weaving the beginning of a harmonious relationship.

The visiting artist program at Paint a Miracle became a natural fit for Cameron offering a unique opportunity for her to help others explore the healing effects of artistic expression. The common thread Cameron shares with the artists is the ability to explore thoughts and experiences through created images and find art to be a means for growth and understanding.

As the current guest instructor, Cameron guides nine students on the creation of self-portraits drawn on 22”x22” canvases in various shades of blue. The portraits will be displayed as a group on a deep blue wall in the studio. IMG_0098a

“Each face is looking out at the viewer and wears an expression that reveals something about that artist,” said Cameron of the work.  “I think that a collective of large faces looking back will impact the viewer with their presence.”

This project will be part of a group show called "RECIPROCITY: The Individual and the Collective". The theme for this project illustrates how the individual’s presence and personal experiences enriches the group and how the quality of a supportive, non-judgmental group helps the individual to come forward in their full natural expression.  “I have found this concept manifested in this little microcosm of Paint a Miracle and have fallen in love with the place because of it,” explained Cameron.  “An extension of this is the connection to other groups manifesting the same principle. Being an idealist at heart, I like to think that this manifested concept could change the world.”

Paint a Miracle Art Studio was established in 2002 for the benefit of those living with disabilities and other challenges to come and engage in the creative process of self-expression.  Its mission is to provide places, programs and possibilities for those facing personal obstacles to gather in an atmosphere of hope, growth and encouragement.  Paint a Miracle believes that by engaging in the arts and discovering our inherent sense of creative expression, we are able to respond more effectively to our challenges, create personal peace and live fuller lives.

For more information about Paint a Miracle or the Reciprocity exhibit call 248-652-2702.

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