Claudia Kiriazis

Claudia Kiriazis


Claudia, along with her brother Yanni, was one of the first Artists to enroll in the Paint a Miracle program and have been creating art with us for fourteen years. When not at Paint a Miracle, she can be found working with children as well as senior citizens.

Her favorite subject to paint are nature related, including her new style of ‘pointillistic’ birds and landscapes. These paintings, done in acrylic on paper, are reminiscent of the French painter George Seurat (1859-1891).

The Paint a Miracle experience has been amazing she says. Claudia loves the teachers and assistants, the many lifelong friends she’s made over the years, and the experience of ‘sometimes shocking herself’ with the beauty of the art she has created.

Her large-scale painting called “Blueberry Cheesecake”, up for auction, is perhaps the most meaningful for Claudia. Making blueberry cheesecakes with her mom is one of her favorite family traditions. Recently engaged to a young man who is also involved in the arts, Claudia is looking forward to keeping the tradition of making blueberry cheesecake alive when she is able to teach her future children the skill she learned from their ‘YaYa’.

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