This summer, a dream six years in the making came to fruition for Paint a Miracle. Thanks to the donation of a kiln from Paint Creek Center for the Arts and a memorial fund set up by the family of former artist, Debbie Malesko, we were able to establish a clay studio in our new location. This coincided with a grant from the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts which enabled us to expand our clay offerings to serve a greater number of artists living with disabilities and to provide artists with a fantastically rich clay experience.


Sneak Peak In The Ceramics Studio


Works in Progress

The Summer Program offered a one of a kind experience. Artists were instructed by staff and local clay artists in multiple hand-building techniques. Opportunities to explore and practice these techniques culminated in the construction of a vast array of extraordinary functional vessels and sculptural works.


Artists Working In The Studio

In addition to the rich creative experience enjoyed by all, the collaborative nature of the class helped artists cultivate new friendships and offer support to one another. Through the planning and execution of these many art-making endeavors, artists were engaged in creative problem solving and decision making. Artists had the opportunity to communicate their ideas through their words and their work.


Ceramic Birds Created By Student Artists


Multiple Techniques On One Beautiful Bowl

The Program took our artists on a creative journey within an accessible and supportive environment ideal for self-discovery. The artists’ finished work is a reminder to celebrate who we are and what we are capable of.


Expressive Mask With A Multiple Vessel Sculpture


Lovely Plate With Leaf Imprints


These works and many more were featured at the Downtown Rochester Gallery Stroll on September 24th and are currently on exhibit in the studio. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact us at 248-652-2702.


Ceramics On Display At The Gallery Stroll

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