On April 29 volunteers and staff from Paint a Miracle magically transformed the ballroom at the Royal Park hotel into an eclectic galleria displaying the works of 75 inspiring local artists and setting the stage for its annual spring luncheon and fundraiser. 390 guests came to experience “Images of Inspiration” -- this year’s theme for the event, and 177 creative works were purchased raising nearly $30,000 for the studio.

Katherine Hedlund, attending for the first time, was so impressed by the event that she was inspired to write about it in her own blog http://www.foundationforfamilies.com/ Splashes of Grace and agreed to share it here:


Yesterday I found myself in the middle of a miracle. It came upon me suddenly…vibrantly. An otherwise ordinary day of cleaning, email, and daily tasks was interrupted by the astounding…the marvelous. The spacious, elegant room was filled with tables and people…everyone wanting to take home a bit of the awe-inspiring…a visual reminder of truth and value. Some were moved by technic; some by color or the artist’s vision. I was simply moved as I strolled right through the middle of a miracle.
I gathered my armload of evidence before the luncheon began; evidence of God’s creative goodness and perfect blessings. I talked with artists, ooohed and ahhhed over pieces of sculpture, and realized anew that some things could still leave me speechless.
The PAINT A MIRACLE luncheon was a heart-opening experience. And I must confess, I never would have attended a luncheon like this before I met Iceman, my fear and intimidation keeping me away.
Just his name makes me smile. He is the picture of exuberance and creativity. You want to know what it’s like to attend a WWW wrestling match? Just listen to Iceman dramatically replicating the event he had watched on TV. You want to know how to worship with reckless abandon? Sit next to him in church. You want to know how art can simultaneously whisper and shout? View the ceramics that have flowed from his hands.
He has changed my thinking and my heart about this precious population of people. Before I got to know and love him, I would have been awkward and a bit fearful, but now I can see beyond and behind the disabilities…appreciating and celebrating them. I can see now that every single day they are painting a miracle in the unique way their lives weave in and out with ours. I pray you find yourself in the middle of a miracle someday very soon. Maybe you, too, will find yourself speechless in the presence of our creative God.
Katherine is writing about Paint a Miracle artist Christopher Chapman.

02131_Chapman,Christopher_VasesmChristopher is an avid painter, illustrator, and sculptor. Themes in his work encompass technology, science the cosmos, nature and the sea. He is a confident artist with creative ideas.

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